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Windows 7 Loader 2.0.9 (32 64 Bit) By 25




A: The Linux-3.4-rc4 version doesn't have the required 32-bit versions of the C++ libraries, which are in the 32-bit repository. Q: ADB: "Invalid Argument" "Cannot Resolve Target Package" I need to submit my app to the Play Store, and I'm trying to follow this documentation. The first step is submitting the package to the publish API. I'm using a Mac computer with an Android SDK, and according to the documentation it is installed properly. The adb command works properly. However, when I try to execute it like this: adb -s APPNAME_ACTIVE -d /path/to/sdk/ -r /path/to/app/ I get this error message: adb: invalid argument “-r”: Directory “/path/to/app/” doesn't exist or cannot be accessed. It seems to be expecting the -r parameter to be followed by the /android-sdk/platforms/ to be selected. However, if I follow the documentation, it says I just specify the APPNAME_ACTIVE and then it is supposed to be able to detect which package to run, which is why I am not even sure it is just a problem with that parameter. I am using the latest version of the Mac OSX terminal. Any ideas? A: I tried the command that is on the google android docs, /path/to/sdk/platform-tools/adb -d "/path/to/sdk/platforms/android-XX/' shell pm list packages | grep -v installed I got this error and it worked: bash: adb: command not found You need to install the android-tools package. Q: Error "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime" using SelectMany and a Func I'm trying to use a selectMany LINQ statement with a Func, so that I can combine my result set with data from another table. I get an error: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime If I use a direct query, I get no error. How do I fix this? My code is as follows: var result




Windows 7 Loader 2.0.9 (32 64 Bit) By 25

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